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Volca is a full-service agency that builds brands, websites, and digital marketing campaigns for good companies.
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We take immense pride in delivering a standard of work that excels. From the finished product, design, and strategy. We're dedicated to providing you and your firm with the service you truly deserve.

Stay cool

The modern brand can often swing between being too traditional or excessively uptight. While this may work in some cases, in others, it falls flat. Our approach is designed to guide you toward discovering the optimal version of your brand.

Stay Creative

Creativity stands as the cornerstone for any agency. You invest in us not just for our production prowess but for the strategic insights that accompany it. Excelling in creativity is the essence of what Volca does.

Stay real

While we proudly operate as a digital marketing agency, the human touch remains one of our most crucial pillars. We pore over every detail to ensure that your brand is always represented in the best possible light.

keep innovating

What works today probably won't work tomorrow. We consistently stay on the forefront of trends and ideas, ensuring that you're not stuck with something outdated immediately after launch.

Meet the volca legends

Kevin Nichols

Co-Founder / ACD

Augusto Alvarez

Co-Founder / Lead Manager

Santi pagnanelli

Web Developer

mariana mosto

Marketing Specialist

marcos calo


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Why Choose Volca?

We deliver the energy of a large-scale agency right to your doorstep. Your investment in any of our services isn't just a transaction; it's an investment in the future of your company. Choose the best for this endeavor.

Where to find us?

In short, we're located wherever you are! To be more specific, our current base is in Stony Brook, NY.

What is volca's pricing?

Our pricing is highly flexible, tailored to your specific needs, audience, and expectations. For detailed information, we recommend reaching out to us directly or exploring our services.

Do You Have Any Referrals?

Yes, we'd be happy to provide some of our referrals upon request.

What if I don't know much about marketing?

Our team is always happy to break things down in a way that isn't full of jargon and lingo (unless you like that sort of thing), so you understand exactly what we're aiming to do and how our strategy will help your business.

What is the Benefit of Marketing?

The benefits of good marketing are numerous, ranging from an increase in sales to a better brand perception. Choosing the right agency (Volca Digital) can help elevate your business from "Mom n’ Pop" to a household name.

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