bold projects for your eyes only


Zicana, a distinguished stone business, drew inspiration from some of Italy's most renowned brands for its design aesthetics. Notable influences include Versace, Prada, Rolls Royce, and more. It was in this creative process that the iconic gold Z was born.

cervo design

Modern design for modern pioneers. Cervo Design introduced modern cabinetry to Long Island, and we introduced them to sleek and contemporary branding, web, and advertising design. Keeping it sleek and simple was the name of the game here.

design cafe

Design Cafe is an innovative, yet-to-be-realized concept that seamlessly blends the charm of an Italian-style cafe with the richness of a design library. It envisions a space where patrons can find inspiration for their design projects while savoring a delightful espresso or latte Italiano.

dda architects

DDA Architects is an architectural firm that approaches each project with enthusiasm, creativity, and energy. With a focus on making sure clients do not feel anonymous but instead, form long-standing relationships with them in order to serve as a one stop firm for all of their needs.