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Modern design for modern pioneers. Cervo Design introduced modern cabinetry to Long Island, and we introduced them to sleek and contemporary branding, web, and advertising design. Keeping it sleek and simple was the name of the game here.
Cervo Design
December 2022

Cervo Design provided an excellent opportunity to showcase our expertise in website design, complemented by brandings and subsequently an array of other advertising and marketing services. In this case study, our emphasis will be on the website!

Project kick off

We first built a full branding tailored specifically to Cervo Design’s unique needs. This initial branding laid the groundwork for the subsequent development of Cervo's fully custom website, seamlessly integrating the essence of the brand.

We planned out layout, UX design and visual ideas for the site.

Many versions of which were considered before reaching the site you can visit today.

So it begins

Our team initiated by conducting research to analyze the strategies employed by major Italian design firms and similar brands. The goal was to discern patterns and translate them effectively to suit the essence of Cervo Design.

The initial phases of the design drew inspiration from various Italian factories and design firms. Infused with a key element of minimalism, the site maintained an abundance of movement. A notable dynamic feature is the animated logo, engaging users during page loading.

The overall theme of the site was strongly influenced by the brand guidelines meticulously crafted for Cervo Design. The architecture of the site became the most crucial element of the project. Cervo Design's preference for custom coding posed unique challenges, particularly with the requirement for the site to serve as a repository for all catalogs and materials, leading to various challenges.


The utilization of website building tools that facilitate easy and complete retention of non-proprietary code was paramount in the design of this website. We leverage tools that enable us to transfer and host the HTML wherever needed. Cervo's website was no exception, granting them full control over future modifications.


Cervo Design’s website was built with ease of modification and updates to style at the forefront of the project.

The website uses clean and modern design with a focus on making it easy for users to navigate and find the information they need.

As well there is a section for professionals to reach Cervo Design for b2b referral work.


After a full and intense development cycle, we were able to present Cervo Design with a site that surpassed their expectations and goals. The robust architecture, engaging UI and UX details, along with a strict adherence to brand standards, made this site feel tailor-made for Cervo Design.


In the end, Cervo Design was left with a site that they loved. Paired with a Google Ad campaign, this official and world-class level site contributed to a significant boost in the firm's sales and site traffic. Altogether, creating something exclusive and perfect for the brand and its modern identity.


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