design cafe

Design Cafe is an innovative, yet-to-be-realized concept that seamlessly blends the charm of an Italian-style cafe with the richness of a design library. It envisions a space where patrons can find inspiration for their design projects while savoring a delightful espresso or latte Italiano.
Desing Cafe
December 2023

We had the pleasure of crafting early branding and marketing materials for this exciting venture.

Project kick off

To commence the project with Design Cafe, our team initiated a comprehensive research phase, aiming to grasp the unique essence and style of this bespoke Italian cafe.

Since the project primarily centered around logo design, aligning Design Cafe's vision with a unified and captivating logo concept was our primary focus.

The logo was designed to be bold, simple, and heavily inspired by design, while also maintaining a classic touch reminiscent of the cafe style.

Design Conceptualization

Following the initial research, our team delved into the creative process, crafting various logo ideas tailored specifically to Design Cafe. This involved defining the logo's visual elements, typography, and color palette.

After careful consideration, we settled on a combination that embodied the cafe's bespoke Italian style - a fusion of warmth, elegance, and simplicity.


Inspiration for the logo design drew from the rich heritage of Italian aesthetics, capturing the essence of bespoke craftsmanship. Balancing minimalism with distinctive details, the logo reflects the welcoming ambiance of Design Cafe.

Design Guidelines

The formulation of a comprehensive design guideline was a pivotal step in the process. This document encapsulates the chosen colors, proportions, designs, and various reference ideas for seamless integration across different applications. Design Cafe's logo design guideline ensures consistency and provides a valuable tool for designers and marketers to maintain the brand's visual identity.

The color scheme, typography, and overall design were meticulously selected to resonate with the cafe's unique identity.

After weeks of collaborative efforts and fine-tuning, we proudly presented the logo design and guidelines to Design Cafe. The reception was positive. The logo now stands proudly as a symbol of Design Cafe's unique Italian style.


The end result is a logo perfectly tailored for Design Cafe, distinguishing itself with warmth, elegance, and a touch of Italian flair.

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