Zicana, a distinguished stone business, drew inspiration from some of Italy's most renowned brands for its design aesthetics. Notable influences include Versace, Prada, Rolls Royce, and more. It was in this creative process that the iconic gold Z was born.
March 2022

We've had the honor of assembling various branding ideas, logos, physical and digital materials, as well as the company's website.

Hitting The Books!

Our team began by conducting research to comprehend the overall essence of the firm. As we initiated with a branding package, it was crucial to harmonize Zicana's preferences with a unified image and concept for the company.

Brand research is crucial because you want something that stands out but still makes sense for the brand.

This involves researching the reasons and methods behind both similar and dissimilar brands.

It is of paramount importance to take into consideration the client's inspirations and the overall feel of their firm while also not using this information as a crutch. The goal is to achieve something unique.

3.2.1 Go!

The initial phases of the design drew inspiration from iconic brands such as Versace, Lamborghini, and Rolls Royce. Transforming the regal legacy of these Italian brands into a New York-based stone company required a high degree of finesse. We aimed for our logo and branding to exude a modern and high-class aesthetic, mirroring the exceptional quality of work that Zicana delivers.

Settling on the gold color scheme was the logical approach. From there, dozens of logo and typography options were integrated to form the now iconic gold Z. The chosen font is sharp and represents the firm's commitment to delivering high-quality work.


The brand guideline is the most crucial step in the process. It puts all creative ideas onto paper, providing the end user with the capability to present the guideline to any designer or marketer. This book encompasses all the colors, proportions, designs, scales, and various reference ideas for integrations.


Zicana’s brand guideline was meticulously crafted, ensuring consistency in the usage of gradients and adhering to best practices for the logo.

We kept the design modern and regal with a focus on making it easy for any designer or marketer to keep anything from socials to flyers on brand.

We also added ideas for envelopes, store fronts and more to the guideline for inspiration in future projects.


After weeks of collaboration and iterative refinement, we were delighted to present the guidelines and vectors to the client. The branding received a positive reception both within the firm and from clients, proudly showcased around the showroom, on marketing materials, and on their fleet of vehicles.

And More!

This branding project served as the springboard for our firm's creation of Zicana's fully custom website. It allowed for the introduction of a digital stone gallery, an online shop for Zicana's unique products, and made a great first impression for Zicana's clients.


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